Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Valley Press staff update – December 2015

Dear readers,

After five years of being 'Mr Valley Press', flying solo, things have finally got to the point where I literally cannot keep up – the train is running away, I'm racing behind.  So this week I've officially brought in some help, and thought I'd write a blog post to introduce the new faces to VP fans and authors, so it's not such a surprise when they get in touch.  (I'll introduce myself as well, in the third person, purely for reference purposes.)  Here then, is the entire organisation as it stands today:

Jamie McGarry

Jamie started Valley Press as a hobby in 2008, and has run it as a business since January 2011 – more-or-less single-handedly, until the posting of this blog.  Jamie's particular skills are in the area of text/cover design, but his enthusiasm for new literature and willingness to learn has seen him through the first five years of VP relatively unscathed.

Laura McGarry
Executive Assistant

A teacher by trade, and Jamie's wife since December 2014, Laura has recently started helping out with VP's communication and organisation; i.e. sending emails, making phone calls, wrapping parcels, and keeping the calendar in order.  If you hear from Laura when you're expecting Jamie, consider it a compliment, and consider yourself lucky!

Rosa Campbell
Associate Editor

Rosa first came to Valley Press as an intern in 2013.  With a BA in Literature from St Andrews, and a MPhil in 'Literatures of the Americas' from Trinity College, Dublin, she is arguably the most qualified person ever to set foot in the VP office – and if that wasn't enough, she is also a social media whiz, and a more-than-competent designer, all skills she will be using in her new role.

Originally from Leeds, Rosa now lives in Liverpool; so I plan to say she's in charge of the 'West Coast office'.  Apparently (in her own words) she 'eats a lot of guacamole, points out nice dogs, and occasionally writes a poem', and is working towards a first collection.

I'm enormously excited (and frankly, relieved) to have some help on my never-ending publishing mission; it feels like a big step, and probably is!  By the way: look out for a new Valley Press 'instagram' (whatever that is) run by Rosa, and posts from both of my new colleagues appearing on VP's social media feeds soon.

All best,

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  1. I like the style! Oaks and Acorns come to mind. What a great venture and excellent team. All the best for the future