Monday, 4 November 2019

Women Who Dared To Dream: Interview with illustrator Yasmin Bryan

Once Upon a Time in Birmingham: Women Who Dared To Dream is a fully illustrated book that tells the stories of 30 inspirational women from Birmingham, past and present. We interviewed some of the incredible women who helped make the book a reality... Yasmin Bryan, one of the illustrators:

1. How did you get involved with this book?

The Emma Press contacted me after seeing my work at Birmingham City University graduation show. It felt so great to get approached like this as it feels like you've really been noticed!

2. What was it like working on/being part of this book?

As I had only just graduated it was really exciting to be working on a project with real recognition. The Emma Press were great and easy to work with and I often got feedback for my work when I needed it.

3. What kind of responses have you had from the book?

Since the book I have done a number of freelance projects, from greeting card designs to theatre backdrops, so quite varied! But most recently I have taken on a full time design position at The Media Group - a creative design agency.

Bertha Ryland
4. What has been a highlight for you of being involved in this book?

I think the highlight for me was just to be given the chance to be involved in something so professional. When you come out of university it can be hard to find your first job, so it was really uplifting to have a company believe in you and your work.

5. Can you tell us about a woman who has inspired you?

I feel like I should name an iconic person from history, but I actually believe that Beyonce is a big inspiration to me. I grew up listening and dancing to her music and as I've got older and her music has progressed, I find what she stands for really inspirational. She speaks for the little people and is empowering to black females everywhere. Always giving 100% for anything she's believes and is passionate about which is a great attitude to have in life. But then a woman who will forever and always be a true inspiration to me is my mum, she's just the greatest! Need I say anymore?

You can find out more about Once Upon a Time in Birmingham and order your copy (£14.99) here. 

Photo: Jack Spicer Adams

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