Sunday, 14 February 2016

Lemman, a love poem by Richard O'Brien

Happy Valentine's Day! We recently reprinted The Emmores, Richard O'Brien's pamphlet of love poems from 2013. The new edition (available exclusively on the Emma Press website) includes a new poem at the end, written a couple of years after the other poems in the book. We don't want the people who bought the first edition to miss out, so here it is:


Lover, slumberjack, roll over in
your clown pyjamas, wonder if
it’s really all from here true comfort comes – 
from ticket stubs and hotel breakfast deals,
and cooking meals together. Chop for you,
and save what’s left the way you ask me to, 
and stock the fridge for you with juice, lemon
parfait, two kinds of cheese with unfamiliar names,
salmon for bagels. Share a single plate. 
The little rituals I assimilate,
like washing rice, wearing more red
and sleeping on just one side of the bed 
(though sometimes, your first night away,
on yours.) So find me in the kitchen
where I’ll kiss your neck and whisper 
in your ear how I like the way you
dislike things more than I like
the way most people like the things they like, 
and feel like this could be the future,
leaning lightly on your shoulder, cracking jokes
about your thermal-stockinged legs. 
I can’t believe the way you poach those eggs.

The Emmores, by Richard O'Brien
* * *
The Emmores, by Richard O'Brien
Illustrated by Emma Wright
ISBN 978 0 9574596 4 9
£5, available to buy from the Emma Press website

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